Wooden paneling can lose its charm over time. Sometimes a coat of varnish to revive the sheen is not enough. You may need to reinvent your wooden paneling to elevate the look of your home decor. 

The easiest and cheapest way to overhaul your decor is by applying a coat of paint to your wooden paneling. Your painted wooden paneling not only adds character to your space but takes it to the next level. The amazing effect of paint on your wood panels may even encourage you to cover other areas of your home with paneling. 

So, how do you use paint to amp the look of your paneling? Let’s check out your options. 

2022 Painting Tips for Wood Paneling

The Charm of Painted Wood Paneling

Wood panels are no more relegated to traditional decors. They have become popular in modern interiors too. Wooden paneling adds charm and beauty to your decor. However, when you use paint to elevate the look of these magnificent wood panels, you add dimension to your space. 

You can opt for subtle pastel shades for a subdued look or use bold colors to add vibrancy to your decor. At the end of the day, it all depends on your taste and the decor you prefer. So, what are the different ways you can carry forward this amazing look? Let’s check them out.  

Playing with Contrasts 

Contrasts work very well when your room has wainscoting. You can coat your wooden paneling with black or dark grey paint to bring out the beauty. As a play on contrast, go for beige or dull pink on the walls above to bring out this magnificent feature. You need not restrict yourself to these shades; navy blue on your wainscoting goes perfectly well with a subdued gray color on the wall above. Jade green and beige are great choices too. 

Add Wallpaper to the Mix

Wainscoting and wallpaper are a great combination, especially when applying a coat of paint on the wooden panels. You can give your wainscoting a dark coat of paint, such as grey or dark blue, and opt for wallpaper in complementing colors for the top part of your wall. 

The other option is a sober effect with white wainscoting and a busy pattern on the wallpaper. This gorgeous look has a hint of country decor and is ideal for dining areas and passages. 

Depending on how you want to play it, you can either make your paneling stand out with bold colors or blend it in your decor with pastel shades.

Go for Vivid Shades

The floor-to-ceiling wooden paneling in your bedroom can do with a splash of paint to liven things up a bit. Your color options? How about a deep blue color? Or maybe a rich plum red for a passionate vibe? It all depends on your taste. One thing is for sure, a coat of vivid paint will change the appearance of your room in a matter of days. 

Your contemporary bedroom will become a style statement once you add color-coordinated bed linen and a few accessories to the mix. Wow!

Dare to Try Black?

Black is fearless. And it’s bold. It may sound scary, but when you use it right, it can amp the look of your wooden paneled wall. This works especially well when your wall paneling has beading and sectional dimension.

To bring out the starkness of this dramatic shade, you can put up a few prints, copper or brass plates, or paintings on your black wall. A word of warning—go easy on the black, or you may kill the look.

The Regency Touch

A coat of pastel or jade green paint on your paneling, reminiscent of the Regency period, is a great way to elevate the beauty of your wall paneling. A few frames of pressed flowers or watercolor sketches will complete this look. A sofa chair in printed upholstery will be a great addition to this look. 

Play it Safe with Beige and Gray Shades

Beige or gray are the perfect shades for your wall paneling if you want to play it safe. As these shades work with most color schemes and styles, you can give your paneling a splash of these gorgeous colors without worry. Add brass or gold light fittings to your decor to amp your look. 

Neutrals never go out of style, and your painted panels will tick all the boxes where trendy design styles are concerned.

Define your Wainscoting Beading Detail with a Dark Shade

To bring the flavor of tribal or traditional art into your home decor, try this amazing idea. After giving your wall paneling a splash of gray or beige color, define the wainscoting by painting it in a black or dark gray shade. If you can work a pattern in it with a masking tape, all the better. Now all you need to do is frame some aboriginal or Aztec artwork and put it on the wall above for a classy look. 

To give this look another dimension, you can stencil a few motifs on your painted console to carry forward this amazing look.

Go Halfsies with Dark Gray and a White Geometric Theme

You can get this look by painting the wainscoting in dark gray color. The wall on the top can be painted in dark gray and white stripes or wallpapered in monochromatic geometric patterns. The beading detail on your wainscoting will add dimension to your decor once it is painted. Add a few picture frames to the mix to spruce up this magnificent look. A pianoforte would fit right in with this style.

You need not restrict yourself to these ideas. You can come up with your unique take on this concept. Before heading to the hardware store, make sure you have the design concept right. But, hey! At the end of the day, it’s all about the perfect finish. Need help? Contact the team at Bob Kunst Painting today for professional service you can count on. 

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