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Latest Techniques

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Unique Solutions

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Meet the Rest of the Team


President Tom provides three decades of business development and overall management.


Vice President John leads accounting & project management. He is the 5th generation partner of Kunst Painting.


VP of Operations Mike brings 30+ years of craftsmanship & field management.

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Companies that Trust Us

Michael S.

As always Mike and Adam did a beautiful job and are a pleasure to work with. I appreciate their professionalism and would highly recommend them!


I can’t say enough how happy I am with my new house colors! John’s crew were friendly and professional in every aspect of their job. My house looks stellar and I love the compliments from my neighbors. Thank you John and to your crew for making my house a beautiful place to come home to. I have told everyone how great you and your team are!

Nathan, San Francisco

We have worked with Tom on two separate exterior projects over the past several years, one a shingled home in Fairfax and another with stucco and wood siding in Greenbrae. I have to say that we have been very impressed with our experience in both situations. The projects were very different in nature. The shingles are a completely different animal (cleaned, stained) than the more traditional home. Tom and his crew turned out exceptional work in both situations. Not only is the end product great but Tom is wonderful to work with, communication is very easy, etc. He was patient with us when we took time deciding on colors and his crew is very friendly. Clean up at the end of the project with great as well. I’m sure there are less expensive options out there but we will continue to use Bob Kunst Painting going forward.


We just want you to know that we are very pleased with the paint effort you did on our homes. Also, personally I want to express my complete satisfaction for your crew. They were very professional in every way. Thanks for a job well done!

Linda V., San Rafael, CA

They painted the exterior of my home. They did a very good job. They were prompt and did exactly what they said they would. I was very happy with the work. I would absolutely recommend their services.

Kim T., San Francisco, CA

They did an *excellent* job. I was happy with every aspect — the workmen were prompt, professional and respectful. They took care of my house and left it in excellent condition. They also saw a couple things that needed to be done (patching a hole where a cable wire had been) and just fixed them so that it all looked great. I was at first surprised at the price — but it was worth every penny. Oh, I almost forgot. In addition, I thought they were extremely fair. They gave me a quote to do 3 coats of paint. However, after 3 it still needed another one and they gave me a discount on putting the 4th coat on.

Scott S., Petaluma, CA

They did some interior painting in our newly purchased home. The estimate was free. The experience was great. They were really professional and experienced. When we asked them to do extra things along the way, they were very willing. It’s a long-standing family business, and I like that.

Andy W., Novato, CA

Paint 2 story foyer, large master bedroom and bath and upstairs hallway and landing, also repaired settling crack in wall. Job took 2 days with a crew of two. Job took 2 days with a crew of two. Arrived on time each day. Crew was very experienced and professional. Extensive prep work was done, furniture moved and wrapped in plastic, and moved back after clean up.. While you may find work cheaper, it would be difficult to match the quality of their work. We will use them again. Tom Kunst checked on the crew’s progress and did a final walk-thru with us.

Jessica F., Sonoma, CA

Bob Kunst Painting did the interior and exterior of our home. John did excellent work and was extremely professional. I think the prices are competitive and the employees are excellent as well.

Felix C., San Rafael, CA

Bob Kunst Painting Inc removed the wallpaper and painted my living room as well as my dining room which is about 500 square feet. They had to refinish the walls after removing the wallpaper and then they had to paint. They did the ceilings and the trim around the doors too. I have been dealing with them for about 4 to 5 years now. I have had other painters come in and I have been unhappy with their job, but Bob Kunst does an excellent job. I am a perfectionist and I am happy when they leave no matter what the cost is because they do it correctly. It’s also done to my satisfaction. You will not find bumps on the wall. They fix whatever I tell them to fix. I survey when the job is done and it gets done the way I want it done. They always do a good job and they do a job that I am happy with. If I am not happy, then I tell them and they fix it. I want the job done perfectly. They aren’t cheap. They are not the lowest and they may not be the highest too. I haven’t had many estimates. I am sure I could have done the job for a lot less, but I probably wouldn’t have liked the job. They are not guys who are picked up from the street to paint. It took them 5 days to get the job done. They weren’t here on one day. They started the work on last Thursday and finished it today. They are very responsive and it also depends on how much work they have got. They are a busy company. The time they might take to get to your house may vary if it’s a busy season. If you call Mike who is Bob Kunst’s son-in-law, then he speak to you. He will respond within a few hours or almost immediately. The painter who did the job was here every morning at 8 o’clock for the last 6 days. He usually was outside at 7:45, but he used to knock at our door at 8 o’clock. They are very professional. Mike does a good job. He also helps in selecting the paint colors and gives suggestions. He is willing to put splotches of paint on the wall so that you could look at it before he paints the whole wall. He will work with you as far as the colors are concerned if you are not sure what color you want. It’s worth getting the job done by them. They are very good at what they do. They don’t try to get in and out within a day or two. There were two guys on one day and one guy for the rest of the days. They were very good, pleasant and nice. Mike is a good guy and he is trustworthy. They are honest and they do a good job. I will hire them again.

Edward M., Corte Madera, CA

We recently purchased a home and needed some painting. In addition, the previous owner did not have much attention to detail with his painting and with those he hired. John was professional and helpful and gave an honest assessment of the needs of the house. We both noticed patches of mismatched colors and wear. We decided to pain the entire house, including areas that were recently but poorly painted by another company. Communication was great with daily updates, honest estimates, and a personal visit the morning the project began. Quickly I appreciated their approach to painting. They spent several days just prepping the surfaces carefully. The body was smooth with a great finish, and the trim was bright and crisp. They even made the effort to paint small details like the exposed concrete foundation, the alarm bell box, the external cable and telephone boxes, and the roof fixtures. They also stained and renewed our front and back deck. We love our “new” house and it really looks as good as they day it was built. I highly recommend Bob Kunst painting for any painting needs.

Michael C., Tiburon, CA

Exterior painting, cleaning and prep. Prompt and professionally done from start to finish.

Wanda S, San Anselmo, CA

They painted the interior of my home. It was a wonderful experience. They did a very good job. I will continue to use their services.

Suzanne G, Belvedere, CA

I had an exterior door that need to be re-stained. They are very responsive and reasonable and do great work. They have outstanding employees. We have been using them for fifteen years. Highly recommend them!
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