Outdoor furniture is arranged on an open-air patio.

It is summer, and you cannot deny that we all love to spend our time outdoors. Whether you work a 9-to-5 job or spend your time around the home, it is not viable to take long vacations often. This is the point when you must feel that home is where the heart is, and for that, making short trips to your front porch or patio for a relaxing picnic is not a bad idea!

With considerably less investment, you can transform your porch, patio, and decks into your own little haven. This will give you a pleasant experience of the long summer days and the striking sunsets. You can also enjoy the outdoor spaces of your house and have a great retreat with your family and friends. However, if your patio, porch, or deck has paint chipping off of it and washed-out floorboards and railings, it may turn out to be off-putting, forcing you to take the party inside. This is when a fresh paint job becomes necessary.

Choosing the Right Paint for Your Porch

When painting your porch, choosing the correct kind and color of paint is one of the most critical decisions. The quality of the pre-existing wood, the weather conditions you live in, and the budget you are willing to allow for this task are the key factors when deciding on the type of paint. This will help you narrow down to the exact kind of finish you are looking to achieve. 

The different styles and layouts of porches warrant different color schemes and approaches. However, the underlying theme is that these paints should be able to withstand difficult weather conditions and look good. For instance, oil-based paints such as acrylic paints are durable and work with various porch styles, especially wood surfaces. The low VOC and odor and its many types make a porch stand out. Porches with details demand a paint with a semi-gloss or high-gloss finish. The result will be an aesthetically pleasing, sheeny, and refined surface. Paints with a satin finish are ideal for porch ceilings as they are easy to maintain and can hide flaws effortlessly. These paints are also great for window sills, trims, and overhangs.

Thus, depending on the layout of your porch, you can transform and revamp the way your front porch, deck, or patio looks. Nowadays, homeowners are looking for simple ways to make their homes appear more aesthetic. A lot of them are adopting unique styles, such as stripes and patterns with vibrant colors and customizing them to match their personality.

The Best Paint Colors for Your Porch

Sky Blue

A paint roller adds blue to a white wall.

A time-honored color for your porch ceiling, it will add an understated yet lustrous look and feel to your exterior. By mimicking the natural sky, the shade ensures two things. Firstly, it is mellow, and secondly, it works with most porch styles ranging from a craftsman-style porch to a rustic redefined one. The muted shade allows it to be used on porch floors for a subtle statement. 

Soft White

A timeless favorite among home decorators and owners alike, linen white offers a clean, immaculate, and traditional look for your home exterior. With a slight yellow undertone, the color accentuates your house’s warmth, giving visitors a welcoming vibe.

Deep Charcoal

The all-purpose, all-season deep gray shade offers a detached simplicity, while the light and dark contrast helps augment the look. This rich, immersed, and opulent shade gives a graceful look to your porch when paired with bright white accents. 

Warm Gray

An ideal choice for homes made of wood, the classy and elegant gray color comes with plenty of warmth and depth. 

Tips for Painting your Porch/Patio/Deck

No matter what color you choose to paint, make sure that you adhere to the following steps, specific to painting porches, patios, and decks.

Sand the Paint

Your porch is going to receive plenty of foot traffic. As it is most likely made of cement or wood, there are high chances that it will get pretty slippery when you paint it. But, adding sand to the paint before rolling it onto the floor can help you solve this problem. 

Thick Paint for Ceiling

To avoid drips, use thick paints that are not runny while painting the ceiling. Use no-primer or self-priming paints, as they are thicker than usual paint.

Consider the Effect of Fading

The sunlight will hit certain areas around your porch harder than other areas well-protected by the porch roof. In this situation, you can choose to paint your porch in varying shades of colors. The parts that receive direct sunlight can be painted in a darker shade. 

The Exterior Painting Process

Executives and estimators at Bob Kunst Painting Inc. can offer you simplified solutions to your queries related to outdoor reformation at all times. The best part is that this is completely free, irrespective of whether you choose to avail of our services or not. A seamless experience renovating your patio, decks, and porches with a modern touch is now just a call away.

After our professionals ascertain your desired style, our team will head on to start with the painting job. Initially, the task is to prepare the area for the transformation. The professionals will first wash all the requisite surfaces and fill any gaps to avoid water intrusion from happening in the future. Once this is done, they will scrape any loose paint before finally beginning the painting process. 

Our team at Bob Kunst Painting Inc. not only uses the best quality products to achieve your desired look but also ensures a uniform finish. Moreover, we ensure that all the areas in and around your house are protected and prepared for a new coat of paint. We also clean and prime all the equipment and materials to be used. Our only aim for taking such advanced prerequisite steps is to bring about 100% customer satisfaction through our services. 

A fresh coat of paint is not just a way to cover up your porch or patio but also to bring about a substantial transformation in how your house looks. Call us at Bob Kunst Painting Inc. to get expert advice and the best estimates.™

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