A house is a representation of the people who occupy it. Both inside and out, the image of a home is one that the residents should feel comfortable in. The colors that cover the house are colors that they see every day. Shouldn’t applying those colors be a serious process? What if the paint is applied poorly? Or the colors are not as appealing as they looked on the paint swatch? These are questions that a professional painting contractor should lay to rest, and ones that a homeowner should not have to stress about. The best way to avoid that stress is to seek a professional painting contractor who will take the homeowners needs into consideration. There are several notable things to look for in a professional painting contractor when searching for the best quality. The first rule that one should keep in mind, do not be afraid to ask questions.

  • Do you have Insurance?

This is a common and important first question that many people ask, and it is warranted. Most painting contractors have General Liability insurance, which protects damages to your home. If something goes wrong, like a ladder falls into a window, general liability will cover that cost. The other common insurance that professional painting contractors have is Worker’s Compensation insurance. This protects the employees of the company, so the homeowner is not liable for any possible injuries.

More detail on those kinds of insurance can be found in the links below.



  • Employees or Subcontractors?

Different painting contractors utilize either employees or subcontractors. This means that the people working on the project were either hired as employees and work full time for that painting company, or hired as subcontractors who work on specific projects.

There is some concern in trusting subcontractors. They are normally paid a flat fee, which could provide an incentive to work faster and cut corners. The employer may not know them or the quality of their work well, which also leads into questioning if they are covered under Workers Compensation. A painting contractor like Bob Kunst Painting makes sure to thoroughly train and manage their painting staff. They are a great example of how a company in this industry should treat their employees.  

  • What paint do you use?

This question, although straightforward, can make a difference in look and longevity. Make sure they are using a paint that is made with quality ingredients; This look  is reflected well in the price per gallon of the paint. Furthermore, the more knowledgeable and comfortable the painter seems with their material, the more reliable they become in showing they have experience.

  • How will my property be protected?

Pretty much every painting contractor comes equipped with some kind of tarps. Double checking that they have this equipment and clarifying specific areas you want kept safe is all reasonable. If you want your plants or furniture to remain paint free, let the painters know. Make sure to find painters who can appeal to your needs. It is your home, respect of your space is warranted. A company like Bob Kunst Painting has all the necessary equipment, masking supplies, and drop cloths to ensure your investment remains protected.

  • Who are your references?

If the contractor is established and with decent experience, they should have a list of people they have serviced in the past. If you want full confidence in your painter, asking them who their references are and even asking for testimonials is a great way to get to that confidence.  
A good model of this is the Bob Kunst Painting review page.


These questions are a great place to start when looking for a professional painting contractor. Taking professionalism and quality into consideration will guide you to the best possible outlook of your next painting venture. Whether it is something as small as a bedroom or the whole exterior of your home, it is ultimately your dollars going back into your house. Finding the best professional painting contractor for your needs is the best way to get the most value out of your own dollars.

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