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Saving your family a table at any restaurant can be a memorable experience when in the right atmosphere. Kunst Painting Inc.’s painters have had the pleasure to give restaurants the inviting feeling to fill yourself up.

From the ceilings, to the window frames, our team will set the stage perfect for lunch or dinner. The colors selected by the business represent their ability to present meals for multiple guests while hosting waiting guests.


The exterior of your restaurant starts as the first invite to a meal. With an updated, fresh look, guests can trust your restaurant to give them more than just a delicious meal. Our painters can help refurbish areas of your restaurant damaged by cooking, or visitors, and bring it back to the welcoming aura it presents.

Virtual Consultations

To meet the challenges of businesses today we are currently scheduling on-site and remote estimation meetings to respect social distancing requirements.  We will work with you to prepare a detailed proposal and arrange a virtual presentation to go over details and answer all your questions.

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