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A beautiful kitchen with freshly painted cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

The magic happens in the kitchen. We all know that! From cooking to socializing, keeping your kitchen cabinets looking beautiful is a design essential for discerning homeowners.

Newly painted white kitchen cabinets

Painting Your Kitchen

Our team at Kunst Painting offers cabinet painting services to help fix both residential and commercial kitchen cabinets with high-quality repair. Several factors will determine the pricing of your cabinet refinishing and painting services.

The overall size of the cabinets

The number of doors and drawers

The difference between new and existing

The choice of having the project completed on-site or off-site

The overall estimated project length of completion

Our Process

If you’re looking for a quick and affordable kitchen remodel project that can completely transform the look and feel of your home, kitchen cabinet painting or resurfacing may be the best option for you. At Kunst Painting, you can trust our locally-owned company that’s been in business for 100 years to provide your cabinets with a thorough, well-executed paint application.

Every kitchen is different, of course, but most of the time, pro painters like us follow these steps when they’re painting cabinets:


We disassemble your kitchen by removing the door and drawer fronts.We remove all the hardware such as drawer pulls and door handles. Then we pop off or remove the cabinet doors and take off the hinges.  Each individual door hinge gets labeled, so we can put each one back in the right place when we reassemble. Doors and drawers are carefully packed up and brought back to our shop for prepping and painting. This process allows minimal downtown for the homeowner as the majority of the work is done in our shop.



We cover everything that won’t get painted – countertops, backsplash, appliances, floors – with either masking paper or plastic. If we’re not painting the insides of your cabinets, we tape paper or plastic over the openings where your doors and drawers go, protecting the insides from any dust.



It’s all about the prep! We clean all of the dirt, grease, and finger oils. All cabinets get sanded and scuffed for proper adhesion. We bondo and fill all necessary holes, knicks, and scratches. We also caulk the door and drawer fronts as necessary. Depending on the project, we will spot prime or apply 1-2 coats of primer to all surfaces (as needed). Once primed, we check again for any imperfections to address before painting.



We apply two coats of high quality cabinet paint. Depending on the desired look, Kunst Painting offers a spray or brush finish.


Delivery, Installation, and Clean Up

Finally, we carefully deliver and reinstall doors, drawers, and hardware. We unmask and clean all areas as needed, and leave you with a “like-new” kitchen!

The Best Way to Paint Cabinets

Tired of the way your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities look? There’s no need to install brand new cabinets. Instead, save money and give the kitchen a facelift by having the cabinets painted.

This project demands a lot of work and craftsmanship, so it’s best to hire experienced professionals from Kunst Painting. With us, you can rest assured that each job will be done with skill, precision, on-time and on budget.

There are several options for cabinet painting. They can be painted in place, removed, and painted in the garage. They can also be taken off-site for a more controlled refinishing in our shop.

A beautiful, newly painted kitchen

What Our Clients Say

I recently hired Kunst Painting Inc. to paint the interior of my house and stain the exterior of my house. I can’t say enough good things about the experience. They were highly skilled, professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. John helped me choose paint colors and oversaw the project. The painters were so friendly and easy to have in our home over the course of the project. I absolutely recommend them.

Megan L.

We just want you to know that we are very pleased with the paint effort you did on our homes. Also, personally I want to express my complete satisfaction for your crew. They were very professional in every way. Thanks for a job well done!


Ready to Start Your Next Project?

With 5 generations of experience, Kunst Painting is here for all of your painting needs. Get in touch with us today to start your next project.

A living room in a beach house which has been newly painted