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Retail environments keep the customers coming in, and returning back for more. A store’s interior is the backdrop for its merchandise. Each established company values their brand down to the very shelves that display their products. Kunst Painting Inc.’s team can paint your store in your brand colors, putting customers right in the middle of your services.

Our painters can highlight different areas of your store, leading shoppers around to potential purchases. The strong communication between our clients is what keeps their business in line with their vision.


The storefront of a business’s building can bring customers in, or cause them to turn away. Kunst Painting Inc. painters give the exterior of retail buildings that brand new look comparable to their grand opening day. A retouched business logo has the potential to direct their consumers towards them from far distances.

An established business will immediately connect with their consumers through a defined, and presentable exterior paint job. Let our years of experience on retail buildings make your brand standout and memorable.

Virtual Consultations

To meet the challenges of businesses today we are currently scheduling on-site and remote estimation meetings to respect social distancing requirements.  We will work with you to prepare a detailed proposal and arrange a virtual presentation to go over details and answer all your questions.

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