Exterior Commercial Painting Services

Exterior Commercial
Painting Services

With Bob Kunst Painting, commercial painting professionals will clearly define the methods and products to best meet your specific needs, work to the scheduling necessities of your operations and recommend cost-effective solutions that enhance and protect your buildings for years to come.

When buildings show signs of deterioration, cracks, or stains that can be caused by moisture penetration, often a larger problem within your structure may need to be addressed. Bob Kunst Painting has solutions for brick and block, masonry, aluminum, vinyl and wood exteriors.

Call us today and our team can identify the cause of the problem and make sure it is fixed with the correct products according to manufacturer’s specifications.

High Durability Coating

For high traffic areas in any commercial building, paints and coatings with superior scuff and stain resistance are the wise choice. Not only are these products better able to resist marks, but scuffs and stains are also far easier to scrub off without leaving noticeable blemishes.

Choosing egg-shell, medium or high gloss paints and coatings help sustain an attractive appearance longer and resist discoloration. Bob Kunst’s painters know the intricacies of high-performance paints and coatings selection, plus how to properly apply them over previously painted surfaces to achieve years of high-performance.

Call us today to figure out how to preserve your high traffic floors.

Interior Painting

Choosing the correct paint coating for differing work areas, environmental conditions and long-lasting performance is no easy task. Bob Kunst Painting will select the proper paint types and paint sheens to achieve superior scuff and stain resistance, chemical resistance, and more.

We plan carefully with our clients to maximize the efficiencies of the painting professionals assigned to each business painting project. Our painters will clearly define the methods and products to best meet your specific project requirements, work to the scheduling needs of your operations and recommend efficient and lasting solutions that protect your commercial properties for years to come. Speak with us today and plan out your next interior painting project.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coating is a sealant that when applied over concrete floors, extends the life of the surface. Ideal for high-traffic, business, commercial and industrial settings, epoxy coatings provide a high-performance flooring surface that prolongs floor durability and resists staining.

When applying epoxy floor coatings, it is essential that the surface be properly prepared. Our team will make sure the floors are clean and slightly porous for the coatings to adhere properly. The temperature also needs to be correct to ensure that the coating doesn’t bubble or peel.

After our painters are done, your floors will be protected and durable against heavy foot traffic, machinery and also be very easy to clean and maintain. Brighten and strengthen your floors by speaking with a specialist from Bob Kunst Painting today.

Masonry Coating and Repair Services

When repairing masonry coatings, it’s important to first make any repairs to the masonry itself. Masonry that shows cracking or has portions crumbling away are issues that need to be repaired properly before applying a masonry coating sealer. Ignoring these issues can lead to additional damage and greater expense in the future.

Additionally, it’s important to clean and prepare the masonry surface properly prior to applying a seal coating. Without this step, a sealer may not adhere well to the surface and the masonry will not be protected as expected. Since many types of sealers are available, selecting the correct product for a specific masonry surface is vital to ensuring the project is properly completed for your business or commercial property. Working with the Bob Kunst team will ensure that the proper repairs, preparation, and cleaning are performed before applying the best suited seal coating. Contact us today and begin the first steps to repairing your masonry.

Parapet Repair and Painting Services

When repairing stucco parapets, it’s important to first identify the extent of the damage. Is there just a crack in the stucco’s surface? Is the damage more extensive with rusted or broken metal? A simple crack can be filled and painted. More extensive damage may require several feet of the stucco to be removed and replaced.

Our team inspects the area to find any flaws in your parapet, noting what needs the most attention. Our professionals will take the time to properly repair any damages found and coat the area in the same paints used on the rest of your building, Call us today and plan any repair to your parapets with one of our specialists.

Rusty Metal Door Painting

Rust on the metal door to your commercial property will continue to deteriorate without proper attention. Left unrepaired, rust will expand and overtime deteriorate surface and structural sections as it eats through the door. Removing rusty surfaces on metal doors, then applying rust inhibiting coatings can bring a fresh, attractive look that will extend the useful life of metal doors for years to come.

Our team makes sure to use the correct preparation methods and paint when repainting any rusty metal door. We use the correct tools needed to properly remove all rust before repainting. Dents and holes also need to be filled correctly, so they don’t detract from the look of your finished door or allow future moisture penetration.
Bob Kunst Painting will bring your rusty metal doors into a brand new state. Call us today and figure out what we can do for your metal doors.

Stucco Painting and Repair

Stucco is a cement or lime-based plaster widely used as the exterior finish of many buildings. Repairing and painting stucco for long-lasting durability for your business or commercial property requires skill and expertise.

Faded colors due to sun drenching, cracks and blisters caused by heat or storms, cracks and chipping due to age require maintaining stucco year after year so that it, and your commercial property, remain attractive.
The process of repairing stucco on commercial properties is complex. Our team will inspect the stucco and provide you with expert guidance on how best to approach your specific project. With a detailed proposal, plan and schedule, they’ll prep and repaint your stucco surface for outstanding results in both appearance and long-lasting durability.

Contact one of our specialists and communicate all of your stucco needs and concerns

T-11 Siding Painting

T1-11 siding is a sanded or rough sawn finish siding widely used in years past for sheds, outbuildings, and small commercial buildings. It is an economical construction material made out of plywood, but it requires regular repainting for moisture protection and to maintain good appearance. Repainting T1-11 wood siding can restore the look of your commercial property, help your siding last longer, and protect against mold and mildew.
Our team uses the correct repair, cleaning, and preparation are essential before repainting T1-11 siding.

The wood siding needs to be correctly pressure washed prior to painting. Loose panels need to be fixed and damaged panels need to be replaced. It is also important to use a heavy application of a 100% acrylic primer prior to painting. For the top coat, a 100% exterior acrylic paint also needs to be used to ensure that your siding looks good and is well protected.

Bob Kunst Painting will ensure your T-11 sidings are brand new and everlasting. Call us today to bring your T-11 siding back to life.

Wood Rot Repair

Exterior wood window shutters and trim work, door jams, soffits, and fencing – most frequently constructed of pine, redwood or cedar – are widely used to enhance the appearance of multi-family residential and commercial structures. If wood rot is found, our team of professionals have just the solution for you.

Smaller deteriorated spaces and holes can be filled with wood putty, then sanded, repainted or stained. These short-term rotten wood solutions may be sufficient to repair minor wood defects. For larger defects our team would completely replace the wood for long-term service, making sure it’s properly sanded and sealed to prevent further damage.

Speak with one of our wood specialists and find out how we can handle any wood rot together.

Everything You Need

Our line of commercial painting services includes interior painting, exterior painting, power washing, color consulting and more. If you have a commercial property in need of professional painting services, contact us today. We will provide a clear and timely estimate and get the job done quickly. See below for our full range of commercial painting services:


Virtual Consultations

To meet the challenges of businesses today we are currently scheduling on-site and remote estimation meetings to respect social distancing requirements.  We will work with you to prepare a detailed proposal and arrange a virtual presentation to go over details and answer all your questions.

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