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Clean and comfortable work areas lead to increased productivity, higher morale, and positive impressions from visitors. A fresh coat of paint in an active work environment supports the day-to-day activities occurring within these spaces. When presented anew, a fresh office paint job will give your employees the pride in the company needed to drive it forward.

Our interior office painting crews commonly complete plaster and drywall repairs, and then proceed to apply the primes to get a perfect paint job. We also paint common areas, offices, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Our job is to keep your workers motivated, and your company highly reputable. With a presentable office anyone visiting or working will understand that your commitment to the business is legitimate. Kunst Painting Inc. takes pride in being the painters that can help strengthen your business.

Virtual Consultations

To meet the challenges of businesses today we are currently scheduling on-site and remote estimation meetings to respect social distancing requirements.  We will work with you to prepare a detailed proposal and arrange a virtual presentation to go over details and answer all your questions.

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