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When a warehouse is active, there are bound to be damages, scuffs, or scraps that give the building a worn down appearance. Our painters can provide your warehouse with carefully planned painting projects, protective coatings, or refurbished finishes. We make safety the priority by using low chemical products and odorless paints. This ensures that workers have clean air to complete their jobs.


Our painters apply the same care to the exterior of your warehouse. Areas that are exposed to the elements can cause corrosive reactions within your structure. Our team will prep the area, and remove any rust or chipping found.

The paints selected are meant to keep your building looking new as well as protected from potential hazardous chemicals and elements. Kunst Painting Inc. can keep your warehouse safe for your workers, and presentable to your clients.

Virtual Consultations

To meet the challenges of businesses today we are currently scheduling on-site and remote estimation meetings to respect social distancing requirements.  We will work with you to prepare a detailed proposal and arrange a virtual presentation to go over details and answer all your questions.

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