Much more than just a company, Bob Kunst Painting Inc. thinks of itself as a family. Every employee shares in the culture of hard work and satisfaction, always collectively working towards the next finished project. There are a number of benefits included when working for Bob Kunst Painting, and the consensus amongst employees is gratification for the welfare of the job.

Bob Kunst Painting Inc. looks for good people who have potential to be great leaders. The personality that makes up the company is what ultimately defines their quality work afterwards. Without good people who care about what they are doing, Bob Kunst Painting would not have what sets them apart as a standard to be met. It shows in the way they take care of their customers, and in their transformation of houses from worn out to seemingly brand new. The employees set this standard not only to makeup and support the company, but also to provide a service that brings content to those who hire them.

As an employee focused company, a philosophy of taking care of its people so they can take care of it stands respectively in the foreground. Employees start at solid base pays with all the equipment and clothing they need to jump in. Long term employment is encouraged with other benefits including healthcare, 401K, and opportunities for bonuses. There is always more to learn, as even the longest standing employees get ongoing education and training. It is an environment that is open to new ideas and suggestions. Teamwork is a priority, so everybody at the company is working to grow and improve alongside each other. Bob Kunst Painting allows its employees to feel like a part of a successful team, all while ensuring every individual has their needs met so they can become the best possible asset for that team.

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