Mastering the Art of Interior Paint Color Selection

You’ve renovated your house, transforming it into a masterpiece that marries architectural integrity with modern functionality. But there’s something still missing. That something is color – the renovator’s secret weapon.

Choosing Interior Paint Colors: Where to Begin

  • Create a Cohesive Color Scheme: To simplify your selection, start with three colors from an existing object in your home. At the paint store, find three sample strips with those colors, and you instantly have 15 to 18 colors you can use.
  • Strategize the Application: Among the three selected colors, choose one for your walls and reserve the other two for fabrics or furnishings. When considering adjacent rooms, use the same color sample strips to find a complementary hue. Lastly, introduce a fourth color as an accent to interconnect spaces.


Finishing Touches: Paint Sheen and Effects

With your palette in hand, decide on the finish you’ll use. While satin (eggshell) finishes are typically used for walls, combining different sheens on adjacent walls – flat with semi-gloss, for instance – you can create intriguing textures and depth that catch the light in unique ways. (Bob Kunst’s expert painters and color consultants can help you with this!) 


Colors for Emotions and Energy

Colors are emotional architects, and each hue carries a distinct vibe. Cool shades like blues and greens induce serenity, while warm tones such as reds and oranges create energy and drama. When designing your space, align your color choices with the mood you want to evoke.


Crafting Your Color Symphony

Warm tones are ideal for social spaces, fostering warmth and vibrancy, while cooler shades work magic in private rooms, exuding calmness and tranquility. But remember: color can be deeply personal – what energizes one person might overwhelm another. Your home is a canvas for your emotions, tastes, and life. So, take these insights as guides, not rules.


Count on Us!

Whether you’re opting for the soothing embrace of sage or the energetic embrace of coral, Bob Kunst Painting is your partner in color mastery. With expertise in translating visions into vivid reality, we’re here to guide you through your paint color journey.

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