There is an ideal time to paint a home, when conditions provide the best scenarios for long lasting jobs. The weather plays a big role in determining how effective those jobs can be. If you are asking yourself, when should I paint my house and when is the best weather condition? Summer. More specifically during the earlier and later months of the summer season. After the cold of winter and the rains of spring have left your house alone, opportunity is opened up to effectively paint. A professional painting contractor understands this, it tends to be the busiest time of year for the industry. But for the customer peace of mind, here are a couple of reasons why summer is the best time to change the appearance of your house with some fresh new colors.

  • Weather Cooperation
  • This is the biggest point that any professional painting contractor will advocate for. The weather during the summer is the easiest to work with. Factors such as rain or snow will halt an exterior painting project, so waiting for the weather to settle is a vital factor. The effectiveness of how the paint dries is determined by the conditions and temperature. A warm, dry day usually provides the best results when applying paint. However, heavy temperature changes can affect how the paint cures. Cracking and peeling can occur if the paint was put on in hot temperatures and was later exposed to cold temperatures. So the answer is simple, when should I paint my house? The earlier months of summer, when the temperature doesn’t fluctuate drastically is the most ideal time for applying exterior paint. That way you get the best looking appearance possible for your home.

  • Scheduling Season
  • Due to the point of weather cooperation, professional painting contractors tend to get most of their work during the summer months. This is the best time to seek out a quality contractor. Because of the consistency of the weather, there should be plenty of opportunity to find open days to put on that new house exterior. Having to schedule around the weather, such as rain or storms can be frustrating and feel counterproductive. Dates get pushed back over and over and it never seems to be the right time. Daily summer conditions avoid this hassle. A professional painting contractor such as Bob Kunst Painting is a good example for accommodating these ideal conditions. Bob Kunst Painting is busy during the season, but finding time for the influx of customers is a priority.

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