Your exterior paint will eventually deteriorate, and the timber will begin to chip as time passes. While there is no set time for exterior painting, most professionals concur that it needs to be done every 5–10 years. You may be motivated to freshen up your exterior due to crumbling paint, but a restless desire to shake things up is enough of a reason to repaint!

Whatever the situation, you need to consider the weather as soon as you decide to move forward with exterior painting. More than anything else, outdoor conditions must be cooperative for a successful exterior painting project.

It won’t just be troublesome for you and the painters, but it will also take a great deal longer as your paint won’t dry if it’s raining or chilly outside. Several other challenges that affect the paint, the workforce, and the timeliness or success of projects come with each season, including summer, spring, and winter.

Although the summer is often the busiest season, most painting service companies may get booked in advance. Nonetheless, you have a lot of advantages in the fall for a lovely, fresh coat of exterior paint.

Still unsure? Don’t worry; this guide covers many aspects of why painting your exterior this fall seems like a fantastic idea. Let’s explore it further.

4 Good Reasons to Paint Your Exterior This Fall

1. Comfortable Fall Temperatures

Consider the temperature before beginning the laborious task of painting your home’s exterior. Perhaps it doesn’t matter all that much to you if you’re employing professional painters, but it’s best if the weather isn’t too unpleasant for the painters. Summers are typically the time of year for house renovations like painting.

But nothing compares to the crisp fall air. In addition, they won’t have to strain to finish the project because it won’t become too cold for them. Furthermore, most exterior paints and stains perform best at temperatures around 50°F. Thus, the fall season is the ideal time for exterior painting.

So keep in mind that regardless of whether you DIY the project or hire professionals, the temperatures will ultimately govern optimal labor conditions and produce favorable outcomes.

2. Reduced Painting Costs

Although your paint and equipment-related costs are generally not going to change significantly, labor costs might. Prices might be much lower in the fall because there is less demand for painters during this season. Painting service providers are much more willing to offer a discount on your exterior painting project when there is less customer demand.

Therefore, in contrast to the summer, when painters are overbooked and respond reluctantly, you can get your home’s exterior painted more quickly during the fall season, and that too while meeting your scheduling demands.

3. Optimal Humidity and Moisture Levels

Another crucial element to pay attention to while painting your home’s exterior is moisture. The paint must adhere to the surface of the application and dry or cure adequately during a painting project. But if there’s excessive moisture in the environment, it will give a hard time drying the paint adequately.

It won’t only demand a longer time, delaying the timelines, but there’s more to it. It could also have a ruinous impact on how the paint job turns out. Additionally, an accumulation of moisture on the surface may make it more challenging for the paint to adhere to the surface.

Whereas humidity influences how the paint is applied and how long it lasts. As the seasons change, the humidity will decrease, enabling the paint to dry more quickly when you paint the home’s exterior. It can ensure that the color remains intact and vibrant in the long term. It also helps create a finish that is outstanding and long-lasting.

The fall season ensures optimum moisture and humidity levels throughout your project.

4. Finish by the Holidays

The holidays are that time of the year when everyone likes to kick back and enjoy time spent with family and friends, leaving behind all their worries and responsibilities for a bit. Hence, you also wouldn’t want to feel burdened about the task of getting your exterior painted while you are spending some memorable time.

The good news is that if you schedule your home’s exterior painting project in the early fall, you’ll be able to finish it all up before the holidays arrive and wow your guests with the new look of your property. The schedule of the painters you hire should also be accounted for while deciding. For most businesses, including painting professionals, the holidays are hectic times.

Therefore, plan your painting project as quickly as possible to allow you to finish it before your loved ones arrive for the holiday celebrations.

Now that we have covered some valuable reasons for painting the exterior in the fall, here are some practical tips to make your painting project a success this fall.

  • Applying exterior paints and stains should be avoided when the temperature is below 50°F.
  • The optimal time to apply paint in the fall is between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
  • If feasible, try to begin your painting on the house’s sunnier face and move with the sun.
  • Remember to wait for a considerable time between coats, preferably a day.

When the time comes to undertake an exterior painting project, you want to ensure that you are working with a specialist you can rely on, someone capable of communicating clearly and transparently, and who seems like a suitable fit for your requirements. We understand that the overall appearance, aesthetics, and longevity of your exterior painting come first and foremost for you.

This is why the team at Bob Kunst Painting, Inc. works hard to provide a welcoming feeling when you look at your home. Our experienced team of expert exterior painting professionals has transformed thousands of residential buildings. We promise to deliver the highest degree of service so you may get the finished product you and your family deserve. Contact us today to give your home a complete makeover!

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