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Did you know that depending on the space painted and the type of paint used, your home’s paint colors can last for 2 to 15 years? But just because a paint job has the potential to last for up to 15 years doesn’t mean you don’t need to repaint your home before that. After all, there are several factors that can result in your interior walls losing their luster over time.

Typically, homeowners are more proactive about getting their exterior walls repainted quickly because that’s the part of the house that shows signs of paint deterioration first, as it’s more exposed to external weather conditions and other factors. However, you should also pay close attention to your interior walls, so you can catch the warning signs—whether it’s discoloration or cracks in the wall—early and take the necessary steps to

7 Signs That Indicate Your Home Interior Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint

  • The interior walls show wear and tear in the form of discoloration, cracks on the surface, and mold.
  • Food stains, streaks of dust, and other stains and blemishes have become more apparent.
  • You are selling your home and want to improve its appearance and value.
  • Your family has outgrown the current paint colors, and you feel it’s time for a change.
  • You are renovating your home and want to give your entire property a makeover by repainting.
  • Your indoor air quality isn’t good, and you’re considering switching to a new paint job with zero or low VOC to improve indoor air quality.

Factors That Affect Your Repainting Schedule

Paint Type and Longevity

Remember how we mentioned that the type of paint you use could determine how long that coat of paint lasts?

Well, when it comes to painting types and their longevity, here’s what you need to know. Acrylic paint lasts the longest, with a lifespan of up to 15 years. The next best option is latex paint, which has a lifespan of up to 10 years. Chalk paint can last up to 5 years, while premixed milk paint can last up to 2 years.

The Color of the Interior Walls

Your choice of wall color is one factor that can influence the paint’s lifespan. Irrespective of whether you choose acrylic, latex, chalk, or premixed milk paint, here’s a list of some colors that last the longest:

  • White
  • Beige
  • Tan
  • Pastel Browns, blues, and Greens

Dark colors tend to absorb heat more than lighter colors, causing the UV radiation in the sunlight to lighten your paint faster. If your interior gets a lot of natural light, this might affect how soon you need to repaint.

Room Type

How frequently you use a room and what you use it for can also determine how long it might take for your interior to need repainting.


Bedrooms occupied by adults typically don’t need frequent repainting—getting a paint job done once every 5–6 years works well. However, your children’s bedrooms may need more frequent repainting for two reasons. One, kids may wipe their sticky hands or dirty clothes against the wall as they play or go about their day, which can affect the paint. Also, as they grow up, your kids may want different colored walls for their bedrooms. Ideally, it’s best to repaint your kid’s room every 3–4 years.


Bathrooms tend to be humid because of the steam from the bathwater. This humidity can cause mold growth. Additionally, if your bathroom is small, there is a higher chance of someone touching the walls with wet or dirty hands. All of this makes repainting bathroom walls necessary at least every 3–4 years.

Living Room

The living room is a place where you can retain the same for a while, purely because the chances of the walls being dirtied are limited. However, if you keep your front door or windows open a lot, then pollution from the outside can coat the walls and affect their sheen. Still, you can go about 5–7 years without a new paint job for the living room.


Your kitchen can get messy really fast. More importantly, even the type of food you cook and the spices and condiments you use can damage your existing paint. In addition, the absence of an exhaust fan can speed up kitchen paint deterioration. Plus, since food is handled here, the chances of accidentally brushing against the wall with dirty hands or utensils are very high. So it’s advisable to repaint the kitchen every 3–4 years.

Newly painted kitchen and dining room.

Dining Room

The dining room, unlike the kitchen, usually doesn’t get as dirty. Just like the living room, you can go 5–7 years, or sometimes longer (if you don’t use the dining room often), before you need another coat of paint.


Hallways are high-use areas; adults and children often tend to touch or lean against the walls. This can affect the paint quality over time and make your hallway look dull and dirty. Getting hallways repainted every 3–4 years can help.

Laundry Room

Depending on how you store the laundry and how humid it gets in there, the laundry room may need a paint job every 4–6 years.

Playroom or Nursery

Since these rooms are primarily used by children, they can get messy really fast. Therefore, getting them repainted every 3–4 years is ideal.

Weather Conditions and Pollution

You will be surprised to know that external weather conditions can also impact how frequently you might repaint your home interior. Considering how California is at the coast, exposure to salty air is very high, which can impact the quality and lifespan of your interior wall paint. Additionally, the California heat can damage not only the exterior paint but also the interior paint.

Similarly, your home’s proximity to major roadways and highways can increase its exposure to pollutants, dust, and debris. Even a single open window can bring in lots of pollutants and discolor your paint.

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